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Have a Plan

Business Continuity Planning Template

Employees, keep with you at all times contact information for your supervisor, co-workers or employees so that in the event of a wide-ranging emergency or even a smaller event like a snow day, you are not searching for contact information. Keep a list of everyday e-mail addresses, websites and phone numbers that you need to communicate with your coworkers during an emergency. If you aren't able to be at work, but are expected, let your supervisor and co-workers (if necessary) know.


Building Emergency Action Plan

Building Emergency Action Plan

This is a customizable emergency action plan template for campus buildings. It has been created to assist staff in preparing a Building Emergency Action Plan. If you need assistance with this plan or would like to request an editable version of the document send an email to preparedness@unl.edu.


Faculty Guidance for Incident Response

Faculty Guidance for Incident Response

UNL Police have created a printable guide for faculty concerning guidelines for action in an emergency response situation.


Emergency Procedures

UNL Police have created a printable guide for faculty concerning guidelines for action in an emergency response situation and a printable poster with emergency procedures.


Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety has established Safety Operating Procedures for numerous areas that involve safety preparation, training, and protocols. Units should be familiar with the EHS procedures.

EHS also maintains numerous training materials and documents at ehs.unl.edu/documents

The UNL Injury and Illness Prevention Plan provides a framework for identifying and mitigating hazards in UNL work areas, creating the foundation for the occupational health and safety program for UNL employees. Key elements of the IIPP include hazard identification and control, provisions for responding to imminent hazards, employee training, safety inspections, accident reporting and investigation, recordkeeping, and safety committees.

EHS can assist with:

  • Safety Committee set-up
  • Safety Committee group training
  • Planning and operational suggestions
  • Topical training provided by EHS
  • Facilitation of vendor-provided training

For information or assistance with safety committees or other Environmental Health and Safety topic, contact EHS – 402-472-4925 or ehs@unl.edu.

Specific information on safety committees may be found at the EHS website.