UNL Alert

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How Do I Sign Up?

Sign up at unlalert.unl.edu

What is UNL Alert?

UNL Alert is a mass notification system that sends text messages and emails to the device and address you designate.

Why does UNL Alert exist?

Redundant, overlapping and consistent communication is an important component of any emergency plan. UNL Alert is designed to help facilitate early notification during emergencies. Sending the same messages using multiple modes and methods helps assure that those affected have access to warning messages and alerts to help keep them safe.

When will UNL Alert be activated?

UNL Police will determine when UNL Alert will send emergency notices. Weather-related closings will also be announced through UNL Alert.

What will happen when UNL Police issue a notice?

UNL Alert will begin sending text and email messages to individuals' chosen contact devices.  The alerts also appeared in real-time on UNL websites utilizing the UNL web templates and social media including: @PrepareUNL, @UNLPD, @UNLNews and @UNLincoln

What should you do when an alert notice arrives?

Take the appropriate actions based on the notice.. The text message will be coming from phone number 472-9111, and it would be useful to enter this phone number into your contacts list if you can.

I no longer wish to receive alerts, how do I remove myself?

Login at unlalert.unl.edu and follow the "Remove Me" link in the left menu.