On-the-Job Injury

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For assistance, please contact Environmental Health & Safety at 402-472-4925

UNL employees who are injured on the job may seek medical attention from a personal physician or at a medical facility of their choice. Injured employees should bring their employee ID card.

For all other occupational injuries and illnesses, the injured employee or their supervisor must complete a First Report of Alleged Occupational Injury or Illness Form, Workers' Compensation Report Form and Choice of Doctor Form. These forms are available upon request by calling the UNL Benefits Office at 402-472-2600, or the Forms section on the EHS website. Fax the completed form within 24 hours to the UNL Benefits Office at 402-472-6803.

If the accident involves a serious injury or death, immediately report the accident to EHS at 402-472-4925 during normal working hours, or via the University Operator (0 or 402-472-7211) after normal working hours.

Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogen


If an employee is exposed to a bloodborne pathogen (i.e. needle stick) on the job, the employee must be offered medical treatment within two hours of exposure. During normal working hours, the employee should seek post-exposure care at St. Elizabeth's Company Care. After normal working hours, employees should be directed to St. Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Room. Do not go to LincCare or Bryan LGH East and West Emergency Rooms because they do not provide screening services for bloodborne pathogen exposures. Company Care will manage all employee follow-up care, even if St. Elizabeth Hospital Emergency Room provided initial treatment.


In some cases, the attending physician may prescribe certain prophylactic medication. At that time, the injured employee should inform the physician that the injury is work-related and request enough doses to last until the next normal business working day. If the physician is unable to provide enough medication to last until the next normal business day, the employee should take the prescription to a Walgreens Pharmacy, inform the attending pharmacist that the injury was incurred on the job, and present their employee ID card. The pharmacist will either fill the entire prescription or provide enough medication to last until the next business day when the worker's compensation eligibility of the incident can be confirmed with UNL. The prescription should be filled or partially filled without incurring out-of-pocket expenses. Should the employee experience any difficulty in obtaining necessary medication, contact the UNL Benefits Office. After regular business hours, the employee should contact their supervisor, other department official, or EHS (via campus operator). One of these contacts can work with the physician and/or pharmacy to obtain the necessary medication by verifying that the injury is work-related. During follow-up treatment with Company Care, the attending physician may or may not change the medication originally prescribed.

Reporting the Incident

At the start of the next normal business working day, the injured employee should contact the UNL Benefits Office to begin the process of obtaining a work comp claim number. This will involve completing a First Report of Alleged Occupational Injury or Illness form and faxing it to the UNL Benefits Office at 402-472-6803 (fax). If a portion of a prescription remains to be filled, inform the Benefits Office of the need to work with the pharmacy to obtain the remaining medications without incurring out-of-pocket expenses.

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